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IntelliProp is a Colorado-based company that was founded in 1999 to provide ASIC design and verification services for the storage industry. Today IntelliProp is a leading provider of intellectual property (IP) cores and complete, fully featured products targeted at storage manufacturers requiring IntelliProp’s unique products. The company is strategically headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, the heart of an area dominated by major storage manufacturers.

Providers of storage IP cores (SATA, SAS, PCIe, RAID and bridge solutions) and fully featured ASSP products targeting manufacturers of flash products. IntelliProp devices have applications in a multitude of customer products that require interfacing to storage devices, including traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD) and Multi Media Cards (MMC). Our customers are provided with the flexibility to select from a portfolio of ASSP products. Customers may also integrate IntelliProp's licensed IP into a broad array of FPGA families, which are available from industry leading suppliers. Whichever path you choose, IntelliProp will supply an extensive design and verification experience that augments our customer's in-house resources so they may create their own FPGA or ASIC Implementations.

IntelliProp continues to gain recognition as a leading expert in the storage industry and actively participates in committees for creating new and maintaining existing storage protocols.

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105 S. Sunset Street, Suite N
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