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IntelliProp's Philosophy

IntelliProp has a core belief that system domain knowledge and verification tools expertise are the twin pillars that enable effective and efficient ASIC designs. IntelliProp has key strengths that can empower these pillars to build a strong foundation for your verification goals.

Our system domain focus is Storage – Protocols, Architectures and Systems!

We have in-depth and hands-on knowledge of all major storage protocols – ATA, Serial ATA, SCSI, Serial Attached SCSI, Fibre Channel, CompactFlash+, MMC and CE-ATA. This focus enables us to keep ourselves in-sync with the developments in this domain and understand the chip architectures in the storage industry. IntelliProp is committed to providing the storage industry with knowledgeable consulting engineers and high quality products that solve critical problems.

Our verification expertise is a broad spectrum covering robust methodology, different languages and associated tools. The IntelliProp engineers are well versed in E, VERA, SystemC, Verilog and VHDL. They are proficient in advanced verification techniques such as constrained random stimulus generation, functional and code coverage analysis, regression testing and reusable modular test-benches.

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