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IP Cores, IP Products, ASSP Products and Board Datasheets

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IP Cores
IPC–SA101A–HI: SATA Host Core
IPC–SS105A–HI: SAS Initiator Core
IPC–SS107A–DT: SAS Target Core
IPC–BL119A–ZM ECC with BCH Algorithm
IPC–BL120A–ZM AES Encryption Core
with XTS
IPC-SA155A-DT: SATA Device ADCI Core
IPC–BL157A–ZM Advanced Flash Controller Interface (AFCI) Core
IPC-NV163A-DT: NVMe Target IP Core
IPC-NV164-HI: NVMe Host Accelerator Core
IPC-BL193A-ZM: AES-GCM Encryption Core
IPC-BL204A-ZM: AES-CTR Counter Mode Encryption Core
  IPC-GZ189A-DT: Gen-Z Responder IP Core - contact IntelliProp
  IPC-GZ190A-HI: Gen-Z Requester IP Core - contact IntelliProp
  IPC-GZ196A-ZM: Gen-Z Physical Layer for 802.3 IP Core - contact IntelliProp
  IPC-GZ197A-ZM: Gen-Z Physical Layer for PCIe IP Core - contact IntelliProp
  IPC-GZ198A-ZM: Gen-Z Link Protocol Layer IP Core - contact IntelliProp
Pumori Board to IPB-SA116C-3-BD: Pumori Board
IPB–SA118A–BD: SATA Bridge with NCQ
IPB-SA149A-BD  SATA 2Port High Capacity Bridge Reference Board
IP Products
IPC-NV171-BR: NVMe-to-NVMe Bridge
IPP–SA110A–BR: SATA Speed Bridge with Sandbox
IPP–SA111A–BR: SATA “Y” Bridge
IPP–SA112A–BR: SATA "Y" RAID Bridge without NCQ
  IPP–SS115A–BR SAS 1–to–1 Speed Bridge with Sandbox Coming Soon
IPP–SA128A–PM: SATA Port Multiplier with Sandbox
IPP-SA143A-BR: SATA Bridge Platform (optional AES, Hardware datapath)
IPP-NV186A-BR: NVMe-to-SATA Bridge
ASSP Products
IPA-SA129-CT SATA SSD Flash Controller
  IPA–SA114A–PM - contact IntelliProp
IPA-SA117-BR: 2/4Port SATA Bridge with NCQ
IPA-SA149-BR: SATA 2Port High Capacity Bridge
  IPA-GZ194A-CT: Gen-Z Fabric DRAM Memory Controller (Mamba) - contact IntelliProp
  IPA-PM185-CT: Gen-Z DRAM/NAND Hybrid Memory Controller (Cobra) - contact IntelliProp

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