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ASSP Products

IntelliProp applies their extensive knowledge and experience in storage interface technology to supply their customers with industry leading, component level products. IntelliProp devices have applications in a variety of customer products requiring an interface to traditional hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) and multimedia card (MMC) that are utilized in their systems. Additional ASSP products are in development to expand our product offerings in the area of solid state drive (SSD) technology.

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Protocol/Function Part Number Description
SSD Flash Controller IPA-SA129-CT SATA SSD Flash Controller (Apache)
SATA Bridge IPA-SA117-BR SATA 2/4Port High Capacity Bridge (Hydra)
IPA-SA149-BR SATA 2Port High Capacity Bridge (HydraLP)
SATA Port Multiplier IPA-SA114A-PM SATA Port Multiplier
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