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Gen-Z Hybrid Memory Controller (Cobra)

The IPA-PM185-CT, code name “Cobra,” is a Gen-Z Hybrid Memory controller that combines both DRAM and NAND in a persistent memory environment. The “Cobra” controller, which sits directly on the Gen-Z fabric and not the memory bus, has the ability to support byte addressability to DRAM cache and Block addressability to NAND flash. Similar to NVDIMM-P type products in function but in different form factors, such as 2.5” and supports much higher capacities. The Cobra product is capable of supporting capacities of up to 32GB of DRAM and 3TB of NAND. Multiple MLC/SLC/TLC and 3D NAND types, ONFI and Toggle are supported today.

Please visit the Gen-Z Technolongy page on this website by clicking here for more system information.

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Gen-Z Hybrid Memory Controller (Cobra) IPA-PM185-CT

Applications for the Gen-Z “Cobra “ Hybrid Memory Controller

The IntelliProp IPA-PM185-CT addresses the following customer application needs:

  • Memory intensive High Performance computing
  • Disaggregated memory applications
  • Byte addressable persistent memory applications

Features of the Gen-Z “Cobra “ Hybrid Memory Controller

  • NVDIMM-P type cache and NV-Media
    • High capacity 1:100 DRAM to NAND
  • Multi-mode hybrid caching
    • DRAM cache locked write through (LWT)
    • DRAM cache managed write back (MWB)
  • 8GB/s byte addressable cache bandwidth
  • <1µS Load-to-Use latency
  • Up to 3TB 3D NAND capacity supported
  • Up to 32GB DRAM (ECC protected)
  • Secure Boot Firmware Encryption and Authentication
  • Support for multiple authentication schemes
  • Adaptive power shutdown to minimize holdup peak power
  • Sub-12W active power
  • Field firmware upgrades
  • Power/Performance scaling
  • Hot swap support (if supported by the system)
  • The Cobra device is bootable by BIOS/UEFI which supports Gen-Z boot


Request an IPA-PM185-CT “Cobra” Product Brief ...> Please contact IntelliProp at

Reference Board
The IntelliProp IPA-PM185-CT “Cobra” controller has been used to develop a HHHL Hybrid Memory (DRAM/NAND) board that can be used for testing and software development. Please contact IntelliProp for more information.

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