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SATA 2Port High Capacity Bridge (HydraLP)

SATA 2Port High Capacity Bridge - HydraLPThe IPA-SA149-BR SATA 2Port High Capacity Bridge "HydraLP" is an integrated circuit that increases the amount of storage and improves performance by aggregating two SATA drives into one and presents these multiple physical SATA storage devices as a single logical unit to the host. HYDRALP based volumes are capable of reaching 2X the capacity of a single drive and with Native Command Queuing support (NCQ), very high performance is achieved in both read and write modes maximizing IOPS and throughput.

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Applications for HydraLP

The IntelliProp IPA-SA149-BR addresses the following customer application needs:

  • SSD manufacturers with a need to build larger drives
  • Applications requiring high bandwidth and IOPS
  • Applications using flexible M.2 or mSATA to achieve higher capacities


Features of the SATA Bridge with NCQ

  • sata-bridge-ncqHardware only – no firmware intervention required for read or write I/Os
  • NCQ command support
  • DSM support – TRIM Commands
  • SMART command support
  • Integrated CPU
  • Supports 2 SATA drives; cascadable for higher drive count
  • Supports SATA Gen-3 (6.0 GHz) speed
  • Achieves 2X capacity of the single drive
  • Stripe size targeting page size of flash
  • Power mode support (DIPM/HIPM)
  • Direct Drive access for maintenance or vendor commands
  • Industrial temp range: –40° to +100° C

Request an IPA-SA149-BR “HydraLP” datasheet...>


Reference Board

Our IPB-SA149A-BD SATA 2Port Bridge reference board is available for system evaluation.

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