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SATA SSD Flash Controller

The SATA SSD (Solid State Drive) Flash Controller IPA-SA129-CT ("Apache") is an SSD controller for Serial ATA (SATA) applications supporting SATA 6Gb/s speed. The IPA-SA129-CT is a high performance, low latency SSD controller with enterprise class ECC correction and encryption capabilities supporting both MLC and SLC flash. IntelliProp's flexible firmware platform allows for customer differentiation of application firmware for garbage collection, wear-leveling, security erase algorithms, SMART, etc. IntelliProp's proprietary design will provide the user with excellent performance at both high and low queue depths.

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SATA SSD Flash Controller Applications

IntelliProp IPA-SA129-CT addresses the following application needs:

  • Applications requiring Enterprise Class performance, reliability and security
  • SSD manufacturers requiring true military Secure Erase support
  • SSD manufacturers needing to provide differentiation in performance
  • Applications requiring high bandwidth and IOPS
  • Applications requiring continued SMART monitoring
  • Host systems with High Performance requirements
sata ssd controller
SATA SSD Controller

SATA SSD Flash Controller Features

  • Supports SATA 6Gb/s; SATA 3.0Gb/s; SATA 1.5Gb/s
  • NCQ command support
  • DSM support – TRIM Commands
  • SMART command support
  • Robust data hardening support ensures data validity in the event of unexpected loss of power
  • Spread spectrum clocking support
  • Support for both SLC and MLC flash
  • Support for synchronous and asynchronous flash and NVDDR at 200 MT/s
  • Support for 64 chip enables
  • AES encryption: XTS-256
  • Enterprise class ECC:BCH algorithm allowing bit correction greater than NAND manufacturers requirements
  • True End-to-End CRC
  • Hardware assisted Wear Leveling
  • Support for User Defined firmware
  • Capacities supported: up to 8TB
  • Industrial temp range (Tj): -40° to +100° C


aes encryption storage ip core with xts

The IPA-SA129-CT “Apache” SSD Controller is a hardware and firmware platform that is intended for a Solid State
Storage (SSD) application where the customer desires to significantly participate in the development and maintenance of firmware for their SSD controller. The IPA-SA129-CT allows for features and performance critical for the customer’s products and applications to be implemented in a very high performance device.

Physical and Environmental:
Package: 23mm x 23mm FBG (FineLine Ball-Grid Array), 1.0mm BSC
Industrial Temp Operating Range (Tj): -40° to +100° C

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