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SATA Bridge with NCQ Reference Board

Hydra Reference BoardHydra, our SATA bridge with an NCQ reference board (IPB-SA118A-BD), is designed to provide a reference and evaluation platform for the IPA-SA117-BR Hydra SATA Bridge with NCQ device. The IPB-SA118A-BD Reference Board allows the user to test the IPA-SA117-BR device in a 2 port or 4 port configuration with SATA drives of the evaluators choosing. The 2 or 4 port configuration is preset by IntelliProp based on the customer’s request. The IPB-SA118A-BD Reference Board has a SATA edge connector to connect to the host system and four (4) SATA connectors to connect two (2) or four (4) SATA drives for evaluation purposes. The IPB-SA118A-BD Reference Board also provides two (2) standard drive power connectors for use with the two (2) or four (4) drives under test.


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