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SATA/SAS Connectivity Board for FPGA Evaluation Boards

IntelliProp’s IPB-SA116C-3-BD “Pumori” is a SATA/SAS connectivity board designed to implement expanded functionality for FPGA Development Kits/Boards with FMC connectors available from leading FPGA suppliers such as Xilinx, Intel PSG and other third parties.

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Applications of the SATA/SAS Connectivity Board
The “Pumori” board (IPB-SA116C-3-BD) can be used with various FPGA evaluation boards with FMC SERDES connectors and is designed to provide access for up to eight serial transceivers. Compatible boards include the Xilinx FPGA evaluation boards, such as 7Series, ML605 and SP605 transceiver development boards, UltraScale, UltraScale+ and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoc; Intel PSG development kits such as Arria 10, Stratix 10; and BittWare S5PE-F and S56X boards as well as others with FMC SERDES connectors. Please contact IntelliProp for a full list of supported boards.


Features of the SATA/SAS Connectivity Board

  • 9 SATA/SAS Connectors possible, 8 active ports as supplied (Labeled SATA Port0 – Port7). The 9th SATA/SAS connector labeled “Device Core I/F” is operational if the optional SMA connectors are populated.
  • SATA/SAS connectors for multiple locations and multiple SATA/SAS cores in systems such as RAID or port multiplier
  • One differential clock (FMC) at 150 MHz
  • Optional: SMA connector and a Differential Clock can be added by the customer if required for their application.


Request a SATA/SAS connectivity card datasheet...>

sata connectivity board

SATA Connectivity Board
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