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SAS Target Core

IntelliProp’s SAS Target Core (IPC-SS107A-DT) is an industry standard Serial-SCSI (SAS) Core that enables device applications to connect to high throughput SAS storage hosts. The protocol interface is compliant to the SAS specification as defined by the ANSI T10 Organization. As with all IntelliProp cores, the SAS Target Core is fully verified in psuedo-random simulation.

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Applications of the SAS Target Core

The IPC-SS107A-DT is available for integration into target side ASIC and FPGA designs to provide an industry compliant SAS 3.0 Gb/s and 6.0 Gb/s interface. Some of the target applications for the IPC- SS107A-DT are:

  • Internal interconnect for workstation and server storage
  • External workstation/Enterprise Storage interconnect
  • HDD/SSD hot-swap environments • Small form factor


Features of the SAS Target Core

  • Fully compliant to the SAS 3.0Gb/s and 6.0Gb/s industry specifications
  • Processor interface for register accesses
  • Supports either SerDes, PIPE, or SAPIS interface
  • Synchronous design for easy integration
  • Configurable memories for performance and area trade-offs
  • Supports OOB and speed negotiation sequences
  • Auto open connections and close connections
  • Auto Credit management
  • Auto ACK/NAK transmission


SAS Target Core
Xilinx Gates (LUTS)
Altera Gates (LE)


SAS Target Core Support
FPGA Supported

Virtex 6
Kintex 7
Zynq 7
Virtex 7
Artix 7

Arria II GX
Stratix IV GX
Arria V GX
Stratix V GX
Cyclone V GX
FPGA Support Upon Request
Spartan 6
Cyclone IV GX
Evaluation Boards Support ML605
Arria II GX 3 GHz Dev Kit
Arria II GX 6 GHz Dev Kit
Stratix IV GX Dev Kit
Arria V GX Dev Kit


Click here to request a SAS Target Core datasheet...>

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