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The IntelliProp IPC-BL109A-RD SATA RAID Core is a hardware design
block written in HDL that performs RAID 0 operations to provide higher
performance access to storage endpoints.

RAID 0 will divide data among multiple storage endpoints providing
higher system storage performance.

  • Striping (RAID 0) splits the data across multiple endpoints for greater performance.
  • Capacity (RAID 0) combines the capacity of all the endpoints using concatenated mode or RAID 0 mode.


The IntelliProp RAID IP Core introduces very little latency to issue commands and to transfer data between the SATA storage devices and the backend data interface. The RAID IP Core is designed to exist within a customer’s larger design to provide RAID performance availability and capacity advantages.


Request the SATA RAID IP Core datasheet...>


Applications for the SATA RAID IP Core include

RAID combines multiple storage endpoints into a single logical unit to provide one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Multiple drives working in parallel to increase system performance.
  • Increase the overall capacity by combining the sizes of all the drives connected.


SATA RAID IP Core Features

  • Hardware-only RAID; Firmware is not needed
  • Can work for 2n number of drives
  • Supports RAID Levels 0
  • Supports 1.5, 3.0 and 6.0 GHz speed
  • Achieves up to 2x performance with minimum 2 drives
  • Low gate count
  • Supports concatenation mode
  • Controllable stripe sizes from 512Bytes to 8kB
  • Fully compliant with SATA industry specification
  • Automatic speed negotiation supporting GEN 1, GEN 2 and GEN 3 SATA speeds



Provided with the SATA Raid IP Core
Comprehensive User Documentation
Design File Formats:
Encrypted Verilog
Constraints Files:
Provided per FPGA
ModelSim verification model, Testbench and Drive Models
Instantiation Templates:
Verilog (VHDL wrappers available)
Reference Designs & Application Notes:
Synthesis and place and route scripts
Additional Items:
Simulation Script, Sample Vectors, Reference Design
Simulation Tool Used:
ModelSim (contact IntelliProp for latest versions supported)
The purchased core is delivered and warranted against defects for 6 months from the date of delivery. Phone and email technical support is included for 6 months from the delivery date.
Other simulators are available. Please contact IntelliProp for more information.


Functional Description

The hierarchy of the RAID design can be divided into 2 main blocks:

  • SATA Host Cores
  • RAID Engine


The SATA interface to each drive is implemented with the IntelliProp SATA core configured as a SATA host.

The RAID Engine consists of an LBA/Sector Count translator, a data router (FIFO to FIFO XFER) and a RAID State Machine. Customer interface to the RAID core is similar to the application layer interface of the SATA core. The data is exchanged through a FIFO and control is completed through some simple registers for processor connections or wires for state machine connections.


Click here to request the SATA RAID IP Core (IPC-BL109-RD) datasheet...>

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