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IP Products (Licensed)

IntelliProp provides a higher level of functionality, licensed, IP cores to support your storage interface needs. Our IP Product cores are provided in VHDL, with an option for a VHDL wrapper. Our cores have undergone extensive testing and rigorous verification through pseudo-random simulation. They have been synthesized to FPGA devices and integrated into customer designs. Our IP Products are currently being used and tested by a number of industry leaders in products having a variety of storage interface requirements.

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Protocol/Function Part Number Description
NVMe Bridge IPC-NV171-BR NVMe-to-NVMe Bridge
IPP-NV186A-BR NVMe-to-SATA Bridge
SATA Bridges IPP-SA110A-BR SATA 1-to-1 Speed Bridge with Sandbox
IPP-SA111A-BR SATA "Y" Bridge
IPP-SA112A-BR SATA "Y" Bridge with RAID
IPP-SA143A-BR SATA Bridge Platform (Optional AES, Hardware Datapath)
SAS Bridge IPP-SS115A-BR SAS 1-to-1 Speed Bridge with Sandbox
SATA Port Multiplier IPP-SA128A-PM SATA Port Multiplier with Sandbox
Flash Storage IP Core IPP-BL157A-ZM Advanced Flash Controller Interface Core
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