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NVMe-to-SATA Bridge IP Core – IPC-NV186A-BR

The IntelliProp IPP-NV186A-BR is an NVMe-to-SATA Bridge that utilizes the IntelliProp NVMe Target IP Core and the IntelliProp SATA AHCI Host Core to create an NVMe-to-SATA protocol bridge. The bridge is architected such that the command submissions, completion notifications and data transmissions may be either passed through without interruption or intercepted for analysis or modification. The architecture implements a ”sandbox” area in the bridge so that IntelliProp customers may implement custom RTL and/or firmware in the bridge.

The NVMe protocol interface is compliant to the NVMe 1.3 specification and the SATA interface is compliant with the SATA 3.3 specification as defined by the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO). The IPC-NV186-BR is fully verified using a coverage driven methodology in pseudo random simulation.


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Applications for the NVMe-to-SATA Bridge IP Core include

The IPP-NV186A-BR sandbox provides a “bump in the wire” that allows the customer to insert customer specific algorithms such as:

  • High performance read/write caching
  • LBA Remapping
  • Namespace manipulation
  • Data encryption
  • Data compression
  • Endpoint aggregation


NVMe-to-SATA Bridge IP Core Features

  • Compliant to the NVM Express 3 industry specification
  • Automated initialization process with PCIe Hard Block
  • Automated command submission and completion
  • Scalable I/O queue depth
  • Support for 256 outstanding I/O commands
  • Submission queue command context error prevention
  • Support for block sizes from 512 Byte
  • Compliant to SATA 3.3 Features
  • Supports SATA AHCI 1.3.1 specification


Provided with the NVMe-to-SATA Bridge IP Core
Comprehensive User Documentation
Design File Formats:
Encrypted Verilog
Constraints Files:
Provided per FPGA
ModelSim verification model
Instantiation Templates:
Verilog (VHDL wrappers available)
Reference Designs & Application Notes:
Synthesis and place and route scripts
Additional Items:
Reference Design
Simulation Tool Used:
ModelSim (contact IntelliProp for latest versions supported)
The purchased core is delivered and warrented against defects for 6 months from the date of delivery. Phone and email technical support is included for 6 months from the delivery date.
Other simulators are available. Please contact IntelliProp for more information.


Functional Description

The IntelliProp NVMe-to-SATA Bridge, IPC-NV186A-BR, implements a protocol bridge by receiving and parsing commands via the IntelliProp NVMe Target Core and forwarding them to the IntelliProp SATA AHCI Core for delivery to the SATA SSD. The protocol bridging is done with a Processor.  Customers may modify or add additional code to the bridging software.   A processor is expected to receive and properly complete administrative and I/O commands from the NVMe Target Core. As a result, the NVMe-to-SATA Bridge provides transparency between the NVMe Host and the SATA SSD, while offering the designer flexibility in command and data manipulation.


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