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SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID

The IntelliProp SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID (IPP-SA112A-BR) is a hardware design IP Core written in HDL that performs RAID 0 operations to provide higher performance access to disks for high speed data paths. The IntelliProp IPP-SA112A-BR can improve performance and increase the amount of storage by aggregating several drives to one for a customer’s high speed acquisition system. The stored data can be read back through the Host PC by setting a switch value. The IPP-SA112A-BR is designed as an IP core to allow for customer specific logic in the data path.

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Applications of the SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID

The SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID aggregates multiple hard disk drives into a single logical unit to provide
one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Increased storage capacity
  • Increased performance
  • 2n drive support
  • Switch access between user logic and host PC system


Applications that may use the IPP-SA112A-BR include:

  • High speed acquisition systems with slow speed read back
  • Drive initializing prior to host PC access


Features of the SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID

  • Hardware-only RAID; Firmware is not needed
  • Can work for 2n number of drives
  • Supports RAID Level 0
  • Supports 1.5, 3.0 and 6.0 GHz speed
  • Achieves scalable performance with number of drives
  • Low gate count
  • Fully compliant with SATA Gen-1, Gen-2 and Gen-3 speeds
  • Automatic speed negotiation
  • SATA Host interfaces of the RAID Controller utilize IntelliProp’s proven SATA Logic Cores


SATA "Y" Bridge with RAID Support
FPGA Supported

Virtex 5 LXT
Virtex 5 FXT
Virtex 5 SXT
Spartan 6
Virtex 6
Kintex 7
Zynq 7
Virtex 7
Artix 7

Arria II GX
Cyclone IV GX
Stratix IV GX
Arria V GX
Stratix V GX
Cyclone V GX
Evaluation Boards Support
Arria II GX 3GHz Dev Kit
Arria II GX 6GHz Dev Kit
Stratix IV GX Dev Kit
Arria V GX Dev Kit
Cyclone IV GX Dev Kit
Serdes Board


Request a SATA "Y" Bridge with RAID datasheet...>

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