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SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID IP Core – IPP-SA111-BR

The IntelliProp IPP-SA112A-BR SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID design provides SATA compliant connections and a standard SATA interface that performs RAID0 to provide higher performance media access for high speed data paths. The SATA “Y” Bridge can improve performance and increase the amount of storage by aggregating several drives to one for a customer high speed data system. The SATA host port and the direct access port are selectable via a port select pin. The direct access port, host and device connections are speed independent allowing for speed bridging to the SATA connections.


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Applications for the SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID include

The SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID aggregates multiple drives in a single logical unit to provide one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Increased storage capacity
  • Increased performance
  • 2n drive support
  • Switch access between user logic and host system


SATA “Y” Bridge with RAID IP Core Features

  • Fully compliant to SATA Gen-1, Gen-2, and Gen-3 industry specifications
  • Independent speed negotiation on each SATA connection
  • Direct access port for high speed read/write access
  • Intended for integration with customer specific data acquisition logic
  • Hardware-only RAID; no processor or firmware required
  • Supports RAID Level 0
  • Achieve scalable performance with number of drives
  • Industry proven and qualified SATA interfaces
  • Available for application within multiple FPGA suppliers and product families


Provided with the SATA "Y" Bridge with RAID IP Core
Comprehensive User Documentation
Design File Formats:
Encrypted Verilog
Constraints Files:
Provided per FPGA
ModelSim verification model, Testbench and Drive Models
Instantiation Templates:
Verilog (VHDL wrappers available)
Reference Designs & Application Notes:
Synthesis and place and route scripts
Additional Items:
Simulation Script, Sample Vectors, Reference Design
Simulation Tool Used:
ModelSim (contact IntelliProp for latest versions supported)
The purchased core is delivered and warranted against defects for 6 months from the date of delivery. Phone and email technical support is included for 6 months from the delivery date.
Other simulators are available. Please contact IntelliProp for more information.


Functional Description

The hierarchy of the SATA Y-Bridge with RAID design can be divided into 3 main blocks:

  • SATA Device Port (contains SATA Host Cores + RAID Engine)
  • SATA Host Port (contains a SATA Device Core)
  • AMI port and Port Selector


The SATA Host cores are used with the IntelliProp RAID engine to stripe data across multiple drives and to increase throughput. The transfer rate can be as high as the aggregate throughput of all the drives connected.

The Y Bridge has an Alternate Media Interface (“AMI”) port that customers use to access the drives in a RAID 0 configuration. These drives can be read or written. Once the switch is activated, all control transfers to the SATA Device core to allow drive access to the Host PC.

The SATA Device core is used to communicate to the Host PC. This access remains in reset until the customer activates the switch. While this port may become a bottle-neck, it may be used to access the drives in a secondary way.


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