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IntelliProp, Inc. Announces SATA Drive Reference Design
Synthesizable SATA Reference Design Speeds Customer Development

Longmont, Colorado - September 13, 2012 - IntelliProp, Inc., a leader in innovative semiconductors for Data Storage applications, has announced the availability of a Synthesizable SATA Drive Reference Design. The Drive Reference Design is included with IntelliProp’s licensable IPC-SA103A-DT SATA Device Core. It is fully synthesizable and acts as a SATA device that can perform memory reads and writes without the use of external storage. “Our customers may wish to remove the on-board memory controller and replace it with their own FIFO interface to an external memory controller, such as DDR or ONFI, or they may wish to use the Drive Reference Design to interface with the SATA Device application layer to develop their hardware,” said Hiren Patel, VP of Business Development at IntelliProp. The SATA Drive Reference Design has Native Command Queuing (NCQ) capabilities and can respond to host FPDMA commands, like a real storage device. “This additional tool allows our customers to get through the development cycle more quickly with a higher chance for first pass success,” commented Patel. The Reference Design can store and retrieve data written to the device with no errors, supports many standard ATA commands and responds to unknown commands appropriately.

The IntelliProp IPC-SA103A SATA Device Core, which includes the “Synthesizable SATA Drive Reference Design,” is available today for ASIC integration, and for development on the Altera and the Xilinx FPGA platforms.

For additional information, please contact Hiren Patel at 303-774-0535, ext 201 or via e-mail.

About IntelliProp, Inc.

IntelliProp, Inc. develops ASSP Products, IP cores and highly integrated licensable IP Products for the Data Storage industry. Areas of significant expertise exist in SATA, SAS, PCIe and RAID technologies. Its headquarters, sales office and design center are located in Longmont, CO.

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Press Release Source: IntelliProp, Inc. August 16, 2012
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