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Hydra SATA Bridge with NCQ Support

hydra sata bridge with ncq supportIntelliProp is pleased to announce Hydra (IPA-SA117A-BR), a high performance SATA bridge that incorporates support for native command queued commands, and data set management commands such as TRIM. IntelliProp's Hydra product aggregates capacity of two or four drives. In addition to increasing capacity, our SATA bridge with NCQ support increases performance by using IntelliProp’s proprietary DRACO (data re-mapping accelerator core) technology. To the Host, the HYDRA based volume appears and behaves as a single drive at SATA 3.0 (6GHz) speeds. The ability to handle all standard and non-standard ATA commands adds flexibility to the Hydra product.

The HYDRA SATA Bridge is perfect for SSD companies that wish to increase capacity of their drives to 2TB and beyond in a 2.5" or 3.5" form factor, while maintaining high performance in IOPS and throughput. With support for native command queued commands, small block IOs per second are accelerated to near bus saturation. Large block transfers also approach theoretical maximum limits. Customers are able to reach 550MB/s with two SATA SSDs and 100,000 IOPs with the Hydra SATA bridge. Support for data set management commands such as TRIM ensure continued high performance of the high capacity volume when built with flash based SSDs. Request a Hydra SATA bridge with NCQ datasheet.

For further information or to set up a demonstration or evaluation of our Hydra SATA bridge with NCQ support, please contact IntelliProp at 303–774–0535 or via email.

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