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With 40+ years combined experience in the storage industry, IntelliProp has been providing best-in-class service to customers world-wide since 1999.  The IntelliProp team has expertise in all aspects of ASIC design and verification for storage-based applications, as well as expertise in FPGA emulation and prototype validation.  Please see below the wide variety of services IntelliProp can provide to help ensure the success of your project and company.

Storage Interface Verification & HD Interface Testing
IntelliProp’s expertise in the storage industry provides a unique advantage to customers needing assistance in verification of storage-based applications.  IntelliProp is actively involved in various standards committees to create new and revise existing storage interface protocols to meet the needs of the continuously evolving technology.  Not only does IntelliProp produce its own industry-proven verification IP for storage applications, IntelliProp is actively involved with major storage vendors world-wide to test and validate new storage protocols.  IntelliProp continuously provides leading edge expertise enabling its customers to rapidly adopt new technology and deliver their products first to market.  Tool expertise includes Cadence and Mentor Verification tool suites.  Language expertise includes “e”, and SystemVerilog.

ASIC Design Services
IntelliProp has expertise in all aspects of ASIC design including product architecture, RTL design, synthesis, and design-for-test.  IntelliProp engineers are well-versed in Verilog and VHDL syntax as well as RTL coding techniques.  Tool expertise includes Synopsys, Cadence, and Mentor ASIC design tool-sets.

FPGA Emulation/Prototype Validation
IntelliProp engineers know what it takes to deliver an FPGA-based product to market. Having delivered several industry-proven products to its customers, IntelliProp has a high-level of expertise in FPGA emulation and Prototype Validation, including the development of test boards and validation software. FPGA partners include Xilinx, Altera, and Lattice Semiconductor.

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